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Ron Williams-Founder and Chairman 

Hi everybody! I'm Robin and welcome to my site. 
I want to intro introduce you to a company that literally changed my life.
Yeah yeah- I know sounds like hype right?

Well, what happened to me was nothing short of a miracle! 

So this is my story!
For over 40 years I worked as a chair-side dental assistant , constantly sitting bent to one side to look into the patients mouths, and as a result I developed chronic lower back pain that sometimes was so bad that I had to live on painkillers.
Taking drugs is not something that I like since I know what they can do to your stomach and liver- but nothing else really did the trick. Until.... I was introduced to the PowerStrips from ForeverGreen. (Check out the Product and Testimonial pages) 

Needless to say I was skeptical, but after grudgingly putting on a PowerStrip, and not feeling anything (Ha! I knew it wouldn't work! LOL) I was in total shock when I woke up the next morning totally pain-free!
As a result-it was hard to keep my mouth shut- especially when people were telling me that it looked like I was moving more easily!
So I decided to give others the gift of health, and started sharing this- and the other amazing products that ForeverGreen has. 


So take a look at what we have and let me know what are YOU looking for? 
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