FGXpress - the Envelope Model

Introducing - FGX

FGXpress is the daughter company of ForeverGreen International,  bringing the power of the global economy to every doorstep.We offer unique, effective and high-impact products that fit in an envelope that can be sent to anyone- anywhere.  FGXpress also allows anyone, to build a successful global business for those who want to share the amazing results that they get from outstanding products.
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ForeverGreen/FGXpress is the only company in the industry to market their products through the Envelope Model.
Imagine this: as long as you can get mail, you can get our products and work in 212 countries worldwide!  Along with the support of wonderful training and mentor-ship,  you have a huge opportunity to succeed. You are in business for yourself,
 but not by yourself!

We believe that "Service Supersedes Salesmanship"; what does that mean?  Simply, people are our greatest product, and an authentic, committed community of givers is the cornerstone of our joint success! 
The innovative ground breaking health technologies of ForeverGreen/FGXpress, ensures our success in the business even more so.  You too can be a part of the success story!  

ForeverGreen is a publicly traded company FVRG  

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