Product Testimonials From Real People

All of the ForeverGreen products are made with all natural and pure ingredients. 

I have many hundreds of testimonials and obviously I cannot list all of them here- and in all the languages they are in, so here is just a sampling of what people are saying about these life changing products. There is a menu at the right- click on the product name and it will bring you to the testimonials for it! 


 We, the Members of ForeverGreen/FGXpress, are not doctors, nurses or health practitioners.  We are a group of regular people, like you, who want to help people get out of pain, improve their nutritional well being, look younger and feel better.  Any of the results you will read about here are the personal experiences and feelings of the users of the products. And yes, some of them seem miraculous - they simply reflect how using natural products and can improve our lives!
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


PowerStrips Testimonials

Annette F I've been suffering with severe back pain (about 7 months) as well as knee joint pain (3 years+) The other day, I slowly bent over - ever so careful - and to my surprise was not only able to 'touch' my toes but to 'tuck' my fingers underneath of my toes!! I did this over and over; each time with more confidence! I phoned my husband and cried as I told him the news! I was convinced and have not gone a day without them since.

For 8 years I have had sinus issues and have used nose spray every night for 8 years.  When we received our Power Strips, I cut a ¼ inch of the strip off and placed it across the bridge of my nose.  I slept thru the night and in the morning my right sinus was completely clear.  Within 3 days both sides were clear.  I still use a small strip every couple of nights across the bridge of my nose and have not had to use any nose spray since starting with Power Strips! 

Another friend, who like me uses PowerStrips for a stuffy nose!

One of the ingredients in the power strips is our exclusive Marine Phytoplankton which contains almost everything one needs to sustain life. Therefore, it contains almost everything one needs to restore health by providing the raw materials to make new cells that function normally. This is not only for the people not feeling their best, but for the raw athlete that wants to perform at their ultimate peak performance and be able to recover quickly.    

Even on children with stuffy noses and coughs!!

Sarah S.:  PowerStrips = Mosquitoes Begone!! The other day, I was walking with my cousin who didn't have a PowerStrip on...I did. When we entered the park, she was swarmed by mosquitoes, I was not. She had 20 bites yesterday, I had none!

Mosquito Bites

George P.: I love these Power Strips! I have osteoarthritis in my lower back, sciatica, and fibromyalgia. I received 2 samples so I put one my one butt cheek where my sciatica pain starts before I went to bed. I had the best deep sleep and woke up in the morning without any muscle pain. I couldn't believe it. The following day I used the other one on my lower back. My chronic pain was so greatly reduced I couldn't believe it. I have only used 3 strips so far and yesterday I was walking all day and no sciatica pain!! Unbelievable!
NOTE Today we also have Solar Strips and Prodigy 5 That Help with Fibro

Adriane C.: I have had a lower back problem for over 30 years and the last few years while getting out of bed I’ve stooped. After a shower I could straighten up and getting dressed always hurt. I put on my Power Strip and within 2 minutes I felt a relaxing of the area. I then went on my daily bicycle ride 20km and NO pain just power. I put one on the next day, and with just 2 power strips the pain I’ve suffered for 30 years has GONE, WOW WOW THANKS! 

Robin: This is where I put  a small piece of strip on when I feel a headache coming on! Sometimes also on the back of my neck if it feels like a migraine.

 Ann R: I just tried my first patch because I couldn't sleep last night I had so much neck pain, and could barely move this morning! I'm hooked I'm a believer!         

Ellie Yamane:  My parents love the Power Strip! I sent them a few samples, as my father has been suffering from very stiff shoulders lately, and my mother has had pinched nerve on her back - she's had multiple surgeries. My father used the Power Strip on his shoulders, and it immediately started warming up and the pain melting away. My mother put it on her back on the day it was very sore and the next morning she felt much better. I'm placing their order now 

Joy: “I woke up the other morning and had a stiff joint in one of my fingers.  Crazy, I began thinking it may be what people talk about when mentioning arthritis.  I took a skinny “strip” of PowerStrip, the size of the smallest Band-Aid and applied it on the area. Within a couple of hours I removed the PowerStrip and the finger and was pain-free and able to bend it completely with no limitations. This is exciting for those who truly do suffer from pain in their joints.” - 

PowerStrips also work wonders on various skin conditions- like Acne and Psoriasis.

Varicose Veins


Prodigy 5 Testimonials

Rick Rock: “I have been taking Prodigy-5 for little over a month now...and I sure feel that extra boost of energy and sense of well-being I am getting during the day. It reminds me how exciting life can feel, although it's mid-Winter time of the year when many around me are depressed and not productive...they can't wait for the day to pass. Well... I'm looking for more hours in the day to get more done!”

Tatjana Siegenthaler

“After 2 days I feel more concentration, I'm focused on my work and feel full of energy. Thank you for giving P-5 in this world full of stress and unhappy people, with P-5 we have the chance to make one step after the other into a wonderful future.”

Moon Loh - Signapore 

“Over the last few months, I had been feeling tired easily and my vision was getting more blur and fuzzy, especially in the evenings. I started taking Prodigy-5 on Jan 8, 2017. For the first 3 days, I drank Prodigy-5 twice a day, once in the mornings and the evenings. From the 4th day, I drank it once a day in the mornings. On the 6th day, I felt my general tiredness disappeared and I felt a lot more energetic. Additionally, my vision became a lot clearer and brighter, especially in the evenings. I believe continuous consumption of Prodigy-5 will bring me better results!”

Deconfin Lucilia – France

"My 80-year-old mother suffers from poor eyesight (she only distinguishes shadows). I made her take Prodigy-5, and 10 days later and her vision is improving. Needless to say, it is a very great triumph for humanity."

Gergana Doychinova – Bulgaria

"I've been drinking Prodigy-5 for 2 weeks. Usually I feel digestive discomfort.  After consistently using Prodigy-5 I noticed that these symptoms had disappeared, and my metabolism seems improved. Prodigy-5 helps me be in a good mood, and makes me feel lively and fresh with increased concentration. It is perfect!"

Mary Spicer - United States

"First off, Prodigy-5 tastes great and I love the pomegranate/raspberry flavor and look forward to it every morning when I start my day. Prior to using Prodigy-5 I would have dips in my energy in the afternoon and evening. I've noticed that since the very first day I've experienced consistent energy and mental clarity that lasts throughout the day. When I'm out for a walk, sometimes I actually feel like I want to run! If I'm walking up a steep incline, I feel like my stamina has increased, I don't feel winded and it's easy to maintain a strong steady pace. And lastly, my sleep has improved. I fall asleep with more ease, sleep deeply and am dreaming again." 

Kateri Flores - United States

"I have been consistently taking Prodigy-5 for 3 weeks. I work with 270 kids after school, with grades ranging from 1 to 8. I have more energy to play with them and a clear mind to help create curriculum for them to do after school. Thank you ForeverGreen, I will never be without Prodigy-5, you guys are the best!"

Laurie Eccles – Canada

"I have been using Prodigy-5 for about 6 weeks. I find it so much easier to take the Prodigy-5 over a handful of vitamins. I definitely enjoy the ease of this product."

Paul Ayala – United States

"I love Prodigy-5! Every day I look forward to taking it and I’m not a pomegranate kinda of guy so that says a lot about the taste. For me, sleep quality has been the most improved. No more snooze button. No more morning fog. Thank you ForeverGreen."

Charis Stylianou – Cyprus

"I've been using Prodigy-5 for 2 months now and I noticed that my hair has become stronger, not falling out as much as before. It feels thicker with more volume and healthier. Thank you ForeverGreen for this amazing product! :)"

Birgit Höftberger – Austria

"Since my pregnancy I felt a bit run down. Now, I have been drinking Prodigy-5 and my eyes and body feel so great. I am so thankful, thank you!"

John Ponting – United States

"I have suffered for the better part of my life with dry, flaky skin conditions on my ankles and calves. Over the years I've tried creams and pills, changed laundry soaps, socks, diet, sheets, etc. At times there was brief relief. I am beyond excited to share with you that I have been taking our new product Prodigy-5 for a total of 3 weeks straight and am here to report that the issues have disappeared from both my legs.  I truly feel this incredible product has helped my body with the nutrients that I was not absorbing. . "

FrequenSEA Testimonials

Jim Christopherson: I've seen significant improvement in the condition of the skin on my face. The marine phytoplankton in FrequenSEA is AWESOME, easy to take (simply place it on your tongue) and tastes delicious!

FrequenSea Pro.png

Robin: When having a routine check up my doctor told me that he wanted me to start taking Statins for my cholesterol. I refused and told him that I would take care of it without chemicals.  I totally forgot about it all and then, 6 months later, I was introduced to ForeverGreen.  Wanting to try out the product I decided to take it for 3 months and then asked the doctor again for more blood tests. When I got a call from his office and was asked to come in immediately, I was worried until he asked... "Who gave you the prescription for Statins? -I'm so proud that you took them - your cholesterol is down by 65 points!!"  When I told him that I had started taking FrequenSEA- he hardly believed it and said that he HAD to read about Marine Phytoplankton!  

Marian R. Canada
"I have been a FrequenSea user since it was launched in liquid form several years ago. The results were amazing. I take it, my husband takes it and my kids love it, we went through 4 bottles of juice every 4 weeks. We tried FrequenSea PRO for the first time and we realized that what used to be in 4 bottles of juice is now in 2 envelopes. We paid less shipping, got here faster and the flavor is the same, but with more marine phytoplankton per serving than the previous version. We're very happy with the PRO upgrade!" - Sarah A. Canada.

"I've been a loyal FrequenSea customer for 10 years. I now have tens of customers who buy it from me every month because of their results. Thank you ForeverGreen!" -