FGXpress aids millions of people get out of pain with its all natural pain relief, both non-invasive and non-toxic!

Powerstrips by FGX http://livingfreeofstress.fgxpress.com/#/fgx/powerstrips
PowerStrips -40 Million Sold
PowerStrips are Drug free http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/forevergreen-worldwide-corporation-receives-anti-doping-certification-from-bscg-for-powerstrips-300112791.html

What’s in the PowerStrips?

Organic Germanium
A mineral with optical properties, it is a powerful anti oxidant, and is the base of a unique heat pain technology used in PowerStrips.
Improve oxygen supply to tissues and return cells that support the immune system to normal functioning, a fast pain killer.
Red Korean Ginseng
One of the well known and most appreciated plants in oriental medicine. Strengthen and invigorate, helps the body to deal with physical and mental stress.
Marine phytoplankton
The phytoplankton contains all the needed nutrients for the cells and helps in healing process.


PowerStrips are the ideal addition to an Emergency Kit that should be in every home. Great for all kinds of bumps and bruises- and even for nagging chronic discomforts and even mosquito bites!

Take a moment to listen to Dr. Adam Saucedo, Research Scientist on the Board of NIH and the Medical Adviser for FGXpress explain why they work so well.

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Put It Anywhere It Hurts!

PowerStrips http://livingfreeofstress.fgxpress.com/#/fgx/powerstrips