I'm Robin Rotfleisch.  My husband Meir and I are International Network Marketers with ForeverGreen International/FGXpress.

By profession I am a Surgical Dental Assistant and a Dental Office Manager, and Meir has his own company as a Computer Consultant and Programmer.

In the fall of 2000 we were introduced, to a Network Marketing Company that had alternative health care products. We discovered that there was a better way to treat our bodies than by putting chemicals into it.
We also saw a great opportunity to help a lot of people get/regain their health - stay healthy and assist them in finding a different/better way of earning money other than trading time for money.


In October 2014 , after our previous company closed down where we live, we were introduced to ForeverGreen International/FGXpress. 
It was then that our lives changed for the better!

By understanding that Health is a Habit and Not an Event, and by assisting others to get what they want, we see a way of making the world a better place.  We are caring people and it is impossible to keep FGXpress a secret any longer!  

Robin and Meir Rotfleisch
Robin on achieving the Star 3 Rank
Please check out the rest of this site and the Opportunity page to join us in the global effort of assisting people in reaching Physical And Financial Freedom!
Robin with Ron Williams, founder and chairman of ForeverGreen Intl/FGXpress
Dr. Adam Saucedo and Robin at the Las Vegas Convention in 2015

Living Free Of Stress
Your Health IS Our Business!

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Robin & Meir Rotfleisch

International Wellness Consultants

USA number: 301-202-9599

Robin Cell: 972-50-442-7137

Skype: wellness4meandyou
Also - Whatsapp

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