Direct selling is a viable business model proven to provide freedom, security and prosperity. It works by eliminating retail middlemen and having everyday people like you and me act as distributors that educate and mentor others to use the company’s products for their personal benefit.
If you are the type of person who likes helping others solve problems and in turn wants to create an income in as many as 212 countries world-wide, from the comfort of your home, we have a win-win situation! 

Here is the ForeverGreen Opportunity                   Presentation- 2017

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FGXpress has all the elements of The Ideal Business as described by Paine Webber.
Paine Webber is a major American financial company. FGXpress is a global wellness corporation which introduces breakthrough technologies in health, and wellness.


  • Global Seamless Plan

  • 87% FastStart Payout

  • 62% Regular Payout

  • Low Monthly CV Requirements

  • Weekly Pay Plan

  • Five Ways to Earn

“Money is neutral. It makes good people better and bad people worse. If you’re not happy without money, chances are you won’t be happy with it. What drives me is that money is there to serve humanity, not the other way around. But, let’s face it, it ranks up there with oxygen. We are all about abundance!”

Ron Williams - Founder & Chairman

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